Communication Workshops

Effective communication includes active listening and influential empathy. Workshops are designed to improve these skills and typically include hands-on exercises to reinforce learning. Focused sessions are also available on topics including the following:

• Public Speaking
• Delivering Special Presentations
• Negotiating
• Active Listening
• Conflict Management
• Effective Business Writing
• Body Language

Leadership Workshops

Training available for both seasoned and emerging leaders, often combined with role playing and hands-on activities. Focus areas include:

• Influential Leadership
• Managing with DISC
• Delegation
• Leading Cross-cultural Teams
• The Role of Coach/Player
• Delivering Difficult Messages

Sales Training

Sales workshops and consulting are available for both established sales forces and startups. Role playing and hands-on exercises help reinforce learning content. Sample topics include the following:

• Personality Based Selling
• Leveraging DISC in the Buying Process
• Pain Points and Value Propositions
• ROI Analysis
• Product Demonstration Training
• Social Media for Today
• Sales Kickstart Programs for Startups

DISC Training

Understand the unique strengths and communication styles of yourself and those around you. DISC personality assessments provide tremendous value when practically applied. DISC workshops typically include personal assessments and corresponding actionable reports that are individualized for each participant. Application of DISC is available for various focus areas including but not limited to the following:

• Leadership (The Art of Influential Leadership)
• Sales (Personality Based Selling)
• Team Building (Know Your Team, Grow Your Team)
• Personal Development (DISC for Relationships)

Public Workshops

Is your group too small to bring training in-house? Section 810 Communications offers public seminars and webinars on select topics. Contact us to discuss custom webinars for your business needs.